Corporate/Government/Small Business Training

Success Builders Consulting (Success Builders Seminars) has a network of EXPERT trainers that will fulfill all aspects of your company’s training needs.  We FULLY customize training programs, schedules and delivery methods to fit your specific needs.

Employee training is essential for companies who wish to compete in a fast-changing business world. When an organization has a number of employees who need to learn new skills, in-house training is oftentimes the most economical solution. In-house training involves bringing a trainer to any location of choice to deliver a customized training program for a group of employees. The group may consist of employees who work together in teams, or who work in various company locations across the country, or across the globe. In-house training may be held at the corporate headquarters or at an off-site location. It may also be held virtually depending on the needs. Benefits of In-House Training

  1. Training is fully-customized for any team, department, or organization
  2. Training format is flexible – training may take place as a single session or multiple sessions delivered over the course of several months to a year. Training programs are typically delivered in one- and two-day formats, depending on the number of employees, their work schedule, and the training topic.
  3. Training is scheduled when it is convenient for employees
  4. Employee travel is reduced or even eliminated
  5. In-house training is typically less expensive than sending each employee to an external training event
  6. Employees will learn to “speak the same language” during the training, which makes training stick
  7. In-house training combines traditional presentation of material with hands-on practice, ensuring that employees leave the training with skills they can apply immediately on the job and beyond
  8. Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues as trainers will usually sign confidentiality agreements.
  9. In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another.

Types of In-House Training

A variety of in-house training programs are available that organizations incorporate into their core training curriculum. Training include Brand and Identity, Sales and Marketing, Leadership Development, customer service, Team Building and Peak Performance, Creativity andIinnovation, Decision Making, and more.

How Much Does In-House Training Cost?

Because in-house training programs are customized for the specific needs of each group, pricing will vary. If you have 12 or more employees, in-house training is typically a more cost effective solution than sending employees to a public training session.

Invest In Employee Development with In-House Training

Investing in the development of employees can boost an organization’s productivity, employee motivation and engagement, profits, and customer satisfaction. As such, one needs to choose the most appropriate training programs for his or her business.

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