Client List

Call to request referrals from any of the companies listed below:

Current and Past Clients (As of June 2014. Updated Quarterly)

The Rated GEE Agency
Terri Clay Enterprises
The SHE Suite
Pink Pearl, LLC
The Mommy Maven
Alan Michaels Design | Custom Clothier |
Katrina Ferguson Enterprises | Financial Services |
Kreative Ways Interior Designs | Interior Designer |
The Visions Group | Real Estate Brokerage
Deychelle Byrd | Author
Robin Ransom | Author and Brand Management
Cynamon Stroman | Author
Celestine Payne | Author
Sharita Phillip | Author
Monique Spence | Author
William Johnson | Author
Karla Young| Author
Dr. Sharon Brown | Author
Rachel Conliffe | Author
Executive Services International | Business Development
Shoe Chicque | Business Development
Brown and Associates | Tracy Brown |Business Development and Brand Management
Favour Incorporated | Event Planning and Management
LaTia Powell Enterprises | Network Marketer
Gale Adams | Author
Chris Perry | Keller Williams | Realtor | Marketing and Brand Management
Verlyn Talton | Author
Debra Williams | Author
Lydia Rugh | Author
Denise Cuffie | Author, Screenplay
Sheena Davis | Author and Business Development
Tonya Freeman | Author
SHE Suites | Stevii Mills | Business Development and Brand Management
LaTresa Blakely Enterprises | Business Development and Brand Management

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