Bring the BRAND Effect Training to Your Office/Team!

wes3049mf.76536_mdI’m a big believer in the Workshop Process.  I think it’s the best way to get the decision makers in the room, push for decisions and drive the team towards action. The most noticeable point of difference I offer is that I will challenge you with new ideas to get your brand and your team in a better position for future growth.

As the facilitator, I bring my executive experience into the room, ready to challenge the thinking and pushing for better answers.

I know I can make your team better, because I have done it my entire career. You can get a training program customized for your team, which will meet specific needs or adjusted to any level of your team. I also provide coaching at the brand team level or personalized one-on-ones for key individuals.

While anyone can recommend a strategy, I recommend a realistic strategy that drives towards action.   Quite frankly, I’m not big on consultants that just bring in big presentations that just sit on the shelf and never make it to the market.  They cost a lot, take a long time, and in general they are written by consultants that have never run a business.  Even PR and AD Agencies can recommend strategy, but they usually bring an agency bias and just give strategies that set up work they want to make–whether it drives growth for your business or not.  I’ve run many businesses and I understand the pressure you’re facing on driving growth.

My promise to you is that I will get your brand in a better position for future growth.

Training Focuses: (100% Customized for Your Company or Team)

Re-Strategizing Current Brand, Strengthening Target Audience
Re-Positioning Products and Service, Expanding Territory and Market Growth
Sustained Success and Future Growth
New Launches/Projects
Team Alignment

Let’s Meet Over Lunch/Phone to Discuss Your Brilliant Brand!


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