Become an Author in 90 Days Telecourse

become an author


Each day that your book sits unfinished you’re undoubtedly losing money, speaking opportunities, publicity and the 
ability to impact more lives.

Perhaps you fear writing a book is too complicated or takes too much time.

Maybe you wonder if you can even write a book at all.

Anyone with a dream, desire or idea can write a non-fiction book using my unique and easy to master system that includes writing tools, creative strategies and techniques to transform the
 book idea in your head into a manuscript in your hands.

To find out if you can write a non-fiction book, answer the following questions:

  • Are you are an authority on a subject?
  • Do you possess a skill that others wish to learn?
  • Do you have specialized knowledge or unique experience?
  • Have you created a process or system that can help others?
  • Do you have a desire to tell a story, share information or teach others?
  • Can you talk about your subject?

If you answered yes to ANY one of these questions, you’re ready to write your book and I want to help you do it during my

You will:

  • Know the exact subject and title of your book;
  • Have created the chapter titles;
  • Know all the subjects and topics for your book;
  • Have your “trigger sentences” ready to go;
  • Completed your Manuscript Grid the blueprint for your book!
  • Have begun creating the Storyboard for your book;
  • Know exactly what is in each chapter of your book;
  • Begin writing 3 – 4 pages per day!
  • Master the writing plan and begin writing each chapter!
  • Resources for editing and formatting
  • Choose self publishing platforms
  • Step by Step Instructions on how to self publish for FREE!!!
  • and so much MORE!


FREE Author Strategy Planning Session!  (A $197 Value!)

Class starts on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:00pm (EST), so mark your calendars, and get ready for this information-packed course!


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