What Exactly Do You Do Robyn??!!

is-this-a-mckinsey-consultantGreat Question!  In short, I am a Brand and Marketing Consultant.

The title “marketing consultant” sounds highly paid and professional, but people often have no real idea what a marketing consultant does. What role does a marketing consultant play in an organization? How does a marketing consultant help a company?

One of the reasons this title can seem so vague is because there’s quite a wide range of things a marketing consultant can be responsible for. Here’s a brief overview of what my team and I do for our clients and would love to do for you!

==> Help Identify New Ways to Bring in Customers

Let’s say your client is a local restaurant. They’re doing okay, but want to start bringing in a lot more customers. As a marketing consultant, our job would be to identify new ways to bring in those customers.

You might talk about reaching out to large corporate events for catering. You might start hosting wine tastings. You might start a direct mail coupon campaign. My job is to figure out how to bring in more customers.

==> Critique Copy and Marketing Materials

We are also brought in to help critique marketing materials.

Are you producing a TV commercial? Our role might be to watch the commercial and give feedback. Does it build trust? Does it look professional? Will it drive new customers to the door?

We may also be brought on to help evaluate direct response mail pieces or to evaluate the selling power of a website.

==> Help Maximize Lifetime Customer Value

Another role we may play is in helping maximize lifetime customer value. This generally means helping identify new product opportunities and helping get those products up and running. It could also mean figuring out how to get past customers to buy more.

Getting old customers to buy more often is much, much easier than finding new customers. It’s the “low-hanging fruit” that many marketing consultants go after first.

==> Direct and Manage a Brand

We also help build, direct and shape a brand. What kind of logo should the company go with? What colors should the company’s brand be? What emotions should the brand evoke?

In addition to shaping the brand, we are also be called on to help protect the brand. If something negative happens that could damage the brand, we are brought in to help with damage control.

==> Social Media

Social media is a relative newcomer to the scene (I’ve been doing this for over 17 years). Though it’s new, its power can’t be questioned any longer. Yet many “old school” businesses still don’t fully grasp social media. We are often brought on to help bridge that gap.

These are some of the many roles we. as marketing consultant, play in the growth of our clients.  How can we help you grow your business?  Schedule a Complimentary Business Assessment Today!

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