Wants, Needs and Intents

BRAND4Need and want are subsets of the real motivation, I believe, we should all be searching for as marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs – and that is intent.

Intent is about what a customer wants to accomplish rather than simply what they want to purchase. Parents want their children to be happy, to have a great childhood, to learn and absorb, and to enjoy time with their friends. That’s a way bigger agenda than just wanting to buy them the latest action figure or Playskool set.

Try this. Jot down a 6 – 10 point Statement of Intent that summarizes the real things your customers want to see happen when they come to you. Do your offerings and service address and reward those? Really?

A 90 Minute Strategy Session can help you redefine and refocus your marketing efforts. SCHEDULE MY STRATEGY SESSION NOW.  Let us Create a Brand that will Create MORE than just a sale; but an experience!

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